No job is too big or too small for our in-house demolition equipment!

we offer 24-hour emergency removal and competitive prices.

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Visit our website periodically for a list of houses and other buildings we have for sale to be moved! 

We offer fast, efficient demolition services when you don’t want to move it and you want to lose it!

Since 1957, The Sipe Boys have been moving oversize structures throughout Southeast Texas!

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Welcome to The Sipe Boys!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and are known for our fast, dependable service. You can also call 7 days a week to inquire about your project! Estimates and information are always free! So call today about moving your home or removing your home.

C.L. Sipe started “Sipe Housemoving“ in 1957, with a lumber yard in downtown Houston, building low-cost frame houses and delivering them to buyers’ properties throughout the Houston area.

Gary Sipe, our second generation blood, became known for “Moving the Big Ones.” He specialized in oversized loads and delivering structures without cutting them, keeping homes in their original condition.

Today, The Sipe Boys has expanded with the addition of Clint and Jason Sipe as third generation house movers and trained demolition experts.

Specializing in structural moving and demolition services.

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